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A New Book from The Center for The Improvement of Child Caring!

The Soulful Parent

Raising Healthy, Happy and Successful
African American Children

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The Soulful Parent: Raising Healthy, Happy and Successful African American Children brings the excitement and  goodness of what the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC)'s Effective Black Parenting Program has done for numerous parents nationwide, through stories about how they have used the teaSoulful Parent Book Coverchings of the program to create happier homes and happier and healthier relationships with their children.

Their stories are accompanied by illustrations of what the program teaches, so that you too can make use of the skills and parenting ideas of the program in your relationships with your children.




 Dr. Alvy has been honored in the White House for his work in assisting parents, and is the author of several other books, including The Positive Parent, Black Parenting: Strategies for Training, and The CICC Discovery Tool


Dr. Alvy is the executive director of one of the world's most productive parenting organizations, the nonprofit  Center for the Improvement of Child Caring which he founded in 1974.


     Throughout the year, CICC conducts instructor workshops throughout the nation. To register as an attendee and/or to schedule a workshop, call 1 (800) 325 -2422.


       Written by Kerby T. Alvy, Ph.D.(seated), one of the nation's foremost authorities on parenting and parent training, along with Earnest Harris (center standing), who acted as senior editor, Lisa Nicole Bell (right), Hassahn Liggins (left).   


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      Until CICC created the Effective Black Parenting Program in the late 1970's, there were no parenting programs that   addressed head on the unique challenges that parents of African American parents have to deal with. There were also no programs that taught parenting skills in a manner that was respectful of African American patterns of communication and which recognized the African roots of the Extended Black Family. Thus, the program occupies a very special place in the history of parenting education in the United States.


     CICC's Effective Black Parenting Program, which is based on an achievement orientation to African American parenting, provides an excellent learning and relearning context to help parents of African American children do the best job possible. Its basic ideas are derived from the writings of African American parenting scholars, from research with African American parents, and from adaptations of parenting skills that have been found helpful in raising children of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.


What parents have said about The Effective Black Parenting Program...   


 "My son loves me now. He doesn't fear me."

                                       -   Minneapolis, Minnesota


"It taught me to be more patient with my children, to listen, to know that they are little human beings and have feelings too. Somehow that got lost-so  it put me back on track.

                                       -   Oakland, California


"I learned things that I really needed to know. A lot of us didn't always get the structure from our parents, so we're trying to break out of that parenting cycle into one that will allow us to help our children meet their goals."


                                       -    Seattle, Washington


"I never gave my children a chance to express themselves. It was always 'Shut up. I'm your mother, you're the child. What I say goes, and that's it.' But what I've come to realize is that children have ideas and opinions too and they need to express them."


                                    -    Los Angeles, California


"One thing that really hit me kind of close to home was the fact that I was raising my children under a form of slavery."


                                   -    Brooklyn, New York


"The program helped me understand my feelings about being black."


                                   -    Detroit, Michigan


"One of my sons is in prison for drug selling. Now I know from this class that if I had let him speak more than I used to, if I didn't always say, 'Shut your mouth,' I don't think he'd be in the position he is now."                 


                                   -    Atlanta, Georgia


"It's a positive influence to all parents. It brings us together as Black parents to understand more of each other's feelings and to help us set excellent examples for our children."


                                -    Chapel Hill,  North Carolina


"I thought discipline was punishment, that spanking was the only way. I'd react immediately with my hand. Now I am able to communicate. I have a method that increases behaviors I want to see. My son is more open, more affectionate. He'll pass me in the hallway, he'll grab me and hug me, and tell me, "I love you, Mom."


                               -    Baltimore, Maryland


"My world of parenting has been opened to a new horizon. I'm a better mother and a better friend to my children."


                               -    Compton, California



Click here to order The Soulful Parent at $24.95!


Click here
to order the e-book version of The Soulful Parent at $12.95!


The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) was established in 1974 and has grown to become one of the nation's most influential and productive nonprofit parenting and parenting education organizations.

   For more information about CICC's many parenting programs, services and products, go to or call toll-free (800) 325-2422.
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