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Center for the Improvement of Child Caring

Thirty-two years of dedication and focused research has proven CICC as one of the largest and most influential parenting and parenting education organizations.

We believe that the greatest gift that can be given to the children of America - to the children of the world - is the gift of effective parenting.

When children are effectively parented, they feel better about themselves and their abilities. They enter school excited and ready to learn. And, they are more likely to both achieve to their fullest potential at school and to make positive contributions to community life.

These effectively parented children are also more prone, as they become adults, to be healthy, law-abiding citizens, and to have successful careers and family lives.

So, the gift of effective parenting is one that keeps on giving!

As a parent, or as someone who works with parents and children, we urge you to be the best gift-giver possible by making productive use of all of the excellent parenting information, programs and publications that we have assembled on our Website!

With warmest regards,

Kerby T. Alvy, Ph.D.,
Founder and Executive Director
Center for the Improvement of Child Caring
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