Parenting Instructor Training Workshops

CICC has been conducting professionally-led parenting instructor training workshops for over 30 years. These week-long workshops train and certify people who work for schools, community agencies and religious groups to deliver one of CICC's national model parenting skill-building programs, the New Confident Parenting Program, or the Effective Black Parenting Program or the Los Ninos Bien Educados Program (See Parenting Programs).

Over 7000 individuals from more than 2500 local organizations have already been trained in and graduated from these workshops. In turn they have educated thousands of parents in their communities. (Click here for a state-by-state list of organizations whose staffs have already completed a workshop.)

Why Are These Programs Being Used Nationwide?

Depending on the problems and issues of current concern to communities, these programs have been selected to combat child abuse and neglect, delinquency and drug abuse, and to promote mental health and student achievement. Because two of these programs are designed for and successful with African American and Latino families, they are currently in demand in child welfare settings to address the often shocking disproportionate numbers of children from these cultures that are being reported for being abused and neglected.

How Do Workshop Graduates Use These Programs?

Research studies where graduates of these workshops were followed up 6 and 18 months after completing a workshop show that they make as many as 6 important uses of what they learned in the workshops. They (1) train parents in groups through classes or seminars, (2) train individual parents and families one at a time, (3) train parents as part of other services like as part of counseling services, (4) use the skills they learned in their relationships with clients, colleagues, and family members, (5) use the skills in training staff members to use them with their clients, and (6) deliver community presentations to educate the public about the benefits of the programs.

Workshop Leaders

The workshops are led by one of CICC's National Trainers-of-Instructors in a particular program. These professionals have conducted the program themselves with a variety of parents and received additional training to become Trainers-of-Instructors. They are excellent and supportive role models.

You can see and hear Mr. Carl Shackelford, one of the National Trainers-of-Instructors in the Effective Black Parenting Program, speak to the graduates of a workshop and also see and hear what the graduates have to say about the value of the workshop and the program at Videos/Photos.

Workshop Materials

Each workshop participant receives a complete Instructor's Kit of manuals and other educational materials that are needed to conduct classes in their chosen program (see Shop/Books). They also receive a Certificate of Workshop Completion.

CICC always conducts these workshops in cooperation with local schools, agencies and groups. For workshops that are currently available, see Blog.

Bring an Instructor Training Workshop to Your Community

If you and your organization would like CICC to bring a workshop in The New Confident Parenting, Effective Black Parenting or Los Ninos Bien Educados program to your community, please complete and return a Workshop Application Form. The Form can be downloaded by clicking here.