About CICC & Dr. Alvy

Since its founding as a non-profit community service, research and training organization in 1974, the California-based CICC has conducted a wide range of parenting education, support and advocacy services, projects and programs. Some have been of national scope, others statewide, countywide and citywide.

Prior Projects and Programs

These have included Parenting Information and Child Abuse Information Centers, Projects for Families with Special Needs Children, a Teenage Parents Project, Projects to Create and Evaluate Parenting Skill-Building Programs, Projects to Disseminate these programs through Training Parenting Instructors, and Membership and Advocacy Projects like the National Parenting Instructors Association and the National Effective Parenting Initiative.

Thus far, more than one million parents nationwide have been educated to be more effective and sensitive through these programs and projects.


These undertakings have been funded by a variety of sources at different times throughout CICC's history. Included have been Research and Demonstration grants from such federal government agencies like the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Grants and contracts from state, county and city governments and from quasi government groups like First 5 Los Angeles have also provided support during different years.

A variety of fund raising events have also generated assistance for CICC. These have included golf tournaments, Child Caring Awards Banquets where individuals like Michael Landon and Cheryl Ladd and companies like Walt Disney and organizations like the Junior League were honored by CICC for their work to help children and families; and the Hits That Prevent Child Abuse Contest in 1982 with Steve Garvey of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Rod Carew of the Los Angeles Angels.

Over 90 private and community foundations and corporations have also supported CICC in general and in regard to specific projects, including the Ford Foundation, Xerox, ARCO, Walt Disney and Mattel (click here to see a list of these donors). And hundreds of individuals have made tax-deductable contributions.


An array of highly competent professionals from such fields as psychology, social work and education have been hired to staff and conduct its various programs throughout CICC's history. See CICC Staff Photo "CICC Strengthening The American Family" in Videos/Photos.

Leadership-About Dr. Alvy

Since its inception the Center's activities have been directed by its founder, Dr. Kerby T. Alvy, a clinical child psychologist. He has designed all of CICC's projects and has written with other parenting authorities all of CICC's parenting programs.

He was previously affiliated for over a decade with the Los Angeles Campus of the California School of Professional Psychology where he was a Professor and served in several other capacities including Faculty President and Dean for Academic Affairs. During those years Dr. Alvy also was part of Kedren Community Mental Health Center in South Los Angeles where his contributions included being Director of Research and Evaluation, Head of the Children's Mental Health Services, and Director of the Child-Parent Community Mental Health Worker Project. He has also taught at UCLA where he received his undergraduate degree and at the California State University at Los Angeles.

He has authored several books for parents and for parenting professionals, including The Positive Parent, The Soulful Parent, and Parent Training Today. His writings have also appeared in professional journals like the American Psychologist and the Journal of Community Psychology, in newspapers like USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, and he has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs including Good Morning America.

Dr. Alvy has received several honors for his and CICC's work. The university where he received his doctorate, The University at Albany (previously the State University of New York at Albany) honored him as a Distinguished Alumni. He was similarly honored in the White House during the first National Parent's Day celebration. See his résumé by clicking here.

His life has been enhanced through a 30 year marriage and through the joy of being a parent to two daughters, both of whom have become human service helping professionals.